Dr. Georgene Collins After ImageWelcome to Weight Loss for Life!  You landed on this page because you’re looking for answers.  I totally understand.  For most of my life, I too looked for answers to my weight problem.  I tried everything to learn how to lose weight.  I tried fad diets, best exercises to lose weight, and blogs.  But the hardest part of my journey was finding motivation.

My name is Dr. Georgene Collins and I, like you, needed to lose weight.  But I didn’t need to lose a few pounds for a wedding or reunion.  No, I struggled with my weight my whole life.  That is until Georgene Collins Before ImageI was 42.  I tried everything to lose weight.  Some things worked well but most did not.  I couldn’t keep the weight off.  I kept looking to learn how to lose weight and I finally figured it.  But at 280 pounds, my goal was weight loss for life. 

Georgene Collins Before ImageOnce I lost the weight and kept it off for a year, I decided to earn my PhD and do a research project on weight management for women after weight loss.  I wanted to know why I kept my weight off this time.  But more importantly, I wanted to know what other women did to keep their weight off too.  The results were amazing and the one thing I learned from the study was there is no one size fits all to weight loss. 

If you’re looking for answers to your weight problem, you’ll find them here on weight loss for life!  Whether you’re just starting your journey or have lost your weight and want to keep it off, Weight Loss for Life will help you.  Here you’ll find information, products, and services to help you along the way.  Check out the blog where I share my 14 plus years of weight management after losing 140 pounds in 2005!  My life has improved in many ways since I lost my weight.  And your life will improve too! 

The most important part of weight loss is taking that first step.  Congratulations on your decision to lose weight and get healthy.  The journey wasn’t always easy, but it is achievable.  You just need the right information, plan, and motivation.  Once these are in place, the rest is rinse and repeat.

Here is what you’ll find on Weight Loss for Life.

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You’ll know when you decide to lose weight for life.  It comes naturally.  That’s what my research showed, and I experienced this too.  You also know when you try to lose weight and it doesn’t work because you stop doing it.  But one thing is for sure.  To achieve weight loss for life, you must never quit.  It’s okay to stop things that don’t work.  Why waste your time or money?  But quitting is not an option.  Once I made the commitment, the answers came quickly.  You’ll find your answers on Weight Loss for Life!